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    The heart of Enemy Opposition is found in relationships!  As a team, our athletes travel throughout the country setting up portable skateparks at churches, schools, festivals, and other events to put on BMX, skateboard, and inline demonstrations.  They use their skills to engage, entertain and deliver a message of love and life in Jesus Christ!  At home, they also spend a lot of time in skateparks and on streets investing in the lives of their peers.  It is their passion to see people entrust themselves to Jesus and be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit.  If you would like to learn more about who we are please visit our ABOUT US section.

The EO team is the total package: Supremely talented skaters and BMXers who can interface with kids of all ages, and – most importantly – communicate the Gospel in a compelling fashion!

 – Craig Gyergo, Hope Presbyterian Church

“Enemy Opposition Demonstrations”

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    In the “News” section is a blog with details about shows, trips, rider updates, and ministry activities!  We also have a social media block on the right side of each page called “Get Connected!”  Subscribe today and keep in contact! 


    One of the ways we support ourselves is through merch that challenges and encourages people in their walk with Christ.  To make a purchase, visit our online store.  All proceeds from the sales of merch help further the mission of Enemy Opposition! 

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